Human Energy Research Center

Conventional approach of medical science has all along focused upon treatment of body, its organs, molecules and cells that compose the body and organs, at the physical level. New research shows that it is the quantum energy below the cellular level that makes the cells exist and function, and if that energy is weak or obstructed, the cells become vulnerable and illness strikes.

HERC at Parmarth Ashram, Haridwar, India, as such, in order to restore health, and prevent sickness, focuses upon that energy and restore it to its optimum level. That enables the cells, the molecules, the organs, and the body systems to revive and regain optimum health. This is based upon a fully integrated approach that combines Yoga & Meditation techniques, Nature cure therapies, and Energy based medicine & systems.

HERC focuses upon the human energy flows in relation to the following:
  1. The bio-energy field (also known as Aura) - its mapping, analysis, and applications for medical diagnosis and treatments.
  2. Chakras, Meridians and the overall system of human energy flow - its screening, stimulation and balancing, more specifically in relation to healthcare and rejuvenation.
  3. Brain and its neurological processes - their correlation with consciousness and energy levels, and relationship to yoga & meditation.
  4. Other vital organs - their functioning and energy-based treatments for prevention and cure of ailments, for healthcare, and for rejuvenation.
Following equipment are utilized for the above purpose:
  1. Aura & Chakra screening equipment / Germany
  2. Magnetic Resonance technology system / Russia
  3. Chi-charging and Music Hypothermia systems / China
  4. Low frequency Laser system / Australia
  5. Brain Mapping system known as SQUID (Super-conductive Quantum Interference Device) / USA - to be added later on